Thursday, January 21, 2010

43. DuBose Porter: Polititians must pay taxes.

DuBose Porter has always been the voice of the people.
His support of ethics is not new. It  just seems new to a lot of people because DuBose is new to them.

DuBose has always been on the front lines in the war against corruption in government. His 6 year battle against the Hawks, the greatest threat to democracy in the United States, ( Read Blog#19)  was not because it was a rule of the elected Republican leadership, but because it was bad for Georgia.  In 1991, DuBose ran against Tom Murphy, the Speaker of his own party, to protest the "slush fund" and although he lost the race, DuBose was able to end the slush fund, pass the Fair and Open Grants Acts and gained for legislators the right to know which bills would be voted on before the day of the vote.  DuBose has been, and will continue to be, the strongest supporter of ethics legislation. (Read blog #37.)

He is again addressing the concerns of the people by cosponsoring HB911, which will make it so legislators and other politicians have to pay their taxes before they can serve.
HB911 is the enabling legislation for HR 1087 which is the Constitutional Amendment to be voted on by you.  The video clip below explains it further:

Now that DuBose is running for Governor people are starting to see what the people of Laurens County have always known, DuBose Porter works for you. Get to know DuBose and Help us spread the word.

Put your voice back in your government.
Vote for DuBose Porter,  July 2010