Tuesday, January 12, 2010

35 plus one. DuBose Porter Speech on First Day of Session.

Today in the session was a low key day mainly used for first readers (the first time you read a bill and assign it to a committee.)  So today at Team DuBose we will give you the audio file of DuBose on the first day of the session.

DuBose Porter, Democratic Leader of the Georgia House of Representatives, nominated Representative Calvin Smyre for Speaker on the first day of the session. Rep. Smyre is Chairman of the Democratic Caucus. As Calvin says in his speech, we knew the majority party had the votes and that he would not win, but it gave the minority party a chance to voice their issues  and DuBose certainly did. Along with listing the great contributions Calvin has made to Georgia, DuBose also pointed out that Georgia needs more of the equation before they can truly say they are pro-business. Incentives are just a part of a larger whole of the things that attract industry and help existing industry grow in Georgia and create jobs. We also have to strengthen schools and public safety and have water and transportation plans that work.
DuBose continued to fight against corruption in your government by pointing out the largest threat to Democracy in the United States, the Hawk system, where for the past 6 years, in Georgia only, the Speaker and a small group of his friends created and have used a rule that allows them to go into every committee and change the vote - on any bill.  You read that right, on any bill, the Hawks can change the vote. They even put the name Hawk on their  name tags. They called themselves that because they said they can swoop into committees and take prey. You read that right too. Read Blog#19 ( you can use the archives on the right to quickly navigate) to read more on the Hawks and read the actual rule that created them.
You can also hear the speech for yourself, thanks to the savvy social media skills of Bernita Smith. Bernita posted an audio file of DuBose's speech which you can hear  by clicking on "track detail"on the widget below. (Use your back button to return to this page.)

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Thank you to
Bernita Smith

 at blog for Democracy where Team DuBose found the audio file above. In addition, Bernita has posted audio files for Rep. Kathy Ashe accepting the pro Tem nomination and you can hear Rep. Calvin Smyre's acceptance speech. Bernita also conducted and posted interviews which she made into a great short video with comments from the new Speaker David Ralston and a few Democratic lawmakers as they gave their take on the future of the House with new leadership.
Tomorrow is the Governor's State of the State address at 11a.m. in a joint session of the House and the Senate. You can watch it and all of the action during the general assembly live online at this link

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