Saturday, January 9, 2010

33. DuBose Porter has Money and Grassroots.

The financial disclosures were due for candidates in the 2010 Governor's race at midnight last night, for the December 31, 2009 reporting period. DuBose filed his in plenty of time with the aid of assistant campaign manager Jenny Evans and Treasurer  Beth Vaughn. Team DuBose offers a big thank you to them and to the many supporters who are helping DuBose in his efforts to bring jobs to Georgia by strengthening public safety and our education systems, and implementing plans for transportation and water that will work. Below is the release DuBose sent to the press.

Dublin – DuBose Porter’s Campaign for Governor announced today that it has raised $373,437 since April with in-kind contributions of $13,396.39 and cash on hand of $303,807.74. The Porter campaign has spent $69,630 since April.

 “I am very pleased with our fundraising efforts. There are two types of campaigns. One is a big money campaign where the candidate sits in a room and dials for dollars. The second is a grassroots campaign where the candidate gets out and creates a dialogue with the people. When I look at past campaigns where grassroots candidates defeated big money candidates,  we are actually a little ahead in the ratio of money to our largest competitor. In Georgia, history proves that grassroots beats big money. I have chosen to run a grassroots campaign. I never expected to have the most money. What I do have are the best volunteers and supporters, and I thank them for their hard work and dedication. It will be people, not dollars, that cast the votes, and I believe the people want a candidate who will not only hear their voices, but be their voice,” said DuBose Porter.