Thursday, January 28, 2010

49. Carol Porter speaks to NFIB/GA.

Carol Porter, wife of DuBose Porter, filled in for him yesterday at the National Federation of Independent Business Governor's Forum in Atlanta. DuBose was at a ceremony where he was being recognized by Georgia Trend for being one of the 100 Most Influential Georgians. Carol was on the news, but we also have a video of Carol telling the group of small business owners why Georgia needs to elect a Governor who will, unlike the Governors of the past decade, manage the state for the good of the people over the good of their campaign donors. If you provide quality eduction, train for jobs and attract the industry that will bring the jobs, then small businesses will thrive.

Carol, along with the candidates running for Governor, was asked three questions concerning the economy and how small business, which creates most of the jobs in Georgia, would be enhanced under their governorship. (And even though the room was heavily Republican, Carol called for them to look at which party is truly pro-business. Saying does not mean doing. Tax incentives for small businesses are only one part of the picture. If you have gridlock, water issues, are number one in the percentage of your population in the correctional system AND are in the bottom in education, is that going to attract jobs and industry to Georgia? Doesn't sound pro-business to us. )

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