Tuesday, January 5, 2010

32. DuBose Porter on Georgia Trend's Top 100

DuBose Porter continued to find his name again on Georgia Trend's list of the 100 Most Influential People in Georgia, in their January 2010 edition. The caption about DuBose from the print version does need a correction concerning HB356.

The bill does not involve Internet sales.

The bill in question, HB356, the "point of sale" bill, cosponsored by DuBose Porter in the 2009 session, has been written about extensively in several newspapers and here on the Team DuBose blog. It has nothing to do with Internet sales. It involves unreturned sales tax.

Example: You go into a store. You buy something. You pay sales tax.
At that point, in Georgia, two things may happen to the sales tax money you just paid. One, the business that received the sales tax money from you will send it to the state. Or two, the business owner will keep the sales tax money for his own personal use. You see the problem.
Alabama has already implemented a point of sale bill and they found 1 billion extra dollars in unreturned sales tax to help them through their economic downturn.
With 1 billion extra dollars, Georgia could have chosen to not furlough state employees and not raise property taxes. However, in Georgia, your elected Republican leadership chose to let the bill DuBose cosponsored, HB356, die in committee. They in effect chose instead to furlough state employees and repeal the Homestead Property Tax Relief Grant. ( DuBose Porter went to the well to keep the Grant and keep your property taxes from going up. However, they repealed the grant anyway. Your taxes will be going up thanks to the elected Republican leadership.)
Do not be disheartened, now that DuBose is running for governor he has had the opportunity to speak around the state and has been championing HB356. The same elected Republican leadership that killed the bill last year is now being encouraged to pass it in the next session.
For more on HB356, the point of sale bill, you may scroll down to blogs # 28, #24, #18, #17 and #15.

Here is the blurb on DuBose in Georgia Trend with the word Internet crossed out and the correct wording in bold.  For clarity, DuBose is co-owner and C.E.O. of Courier Publishing which owns nine newspapers, is an attorney, manages several real estate holdings and serves as a Director of The Bank of Dudley.


DuBose Porter
Georgia House of Representatives
Newspaper owner
Age: 56
Porter, one of the state’s top ranking Democrats as minority leader in the Georgia House and a state representative since 1982, threw his hat into the ring last April for the governor’s race. In 2009, Porter co-sponsored – and continues to fight for – a point of sale bill, which he argues would help Georgia claim more than $1 billion of lost revenue from Internet unreturned sales tax without raising taxes. He has also been a proponent of ethics reform.

It is an honor to be mentioned in Georgia Trend's list. We thank them for the mention.