Monday, January 11, 2010

35. DuBose Porter Starts 2010 Session Today.

January 11, 2010 Atlanta, Georgia

 As you know DuBose has chosen to honor his pledge to the people to serve as their State Representative for the rest of his term. He will continue to run for the Governor's office, however he will not be stepping down to raise money for his race for the governor's office. As stated in Team DuBose's last blog DuBose said,  "To break a pledge I took with my hand on the Bible would not be something I would do. I am asking Georgians to put their trust in me. Honoring my commitments is part of who I am." As did all General Assembly members and Constitutional Officers, DuBose took an oath to serve at the beginning of the 2009 session for a two year term, therefore today's session will not need an oath.
DuBose will continue to run in the governor's race. DuBose will not be able to accept donations until the session ends. He will continue to serve as a State Representative until the start of the next session, when the new Representative (whoever wins his House District 143) is sworn in and DuBose, God willing and with your support, takes another oath he will honor, as Governor of Georgia.
Several people at the 48th Annual Wild Hog BBQ kick-off supper last night, sponsored by the Department of Agriculture,  asked how DuBose could make that choice knowing some of the other candidates would be able to keep raising money during the three months or longer session. DuBose's answer, "One, it is the right thing to do" and  "Two, there is this thing called the Internet."
The Internet has changed the playing field in politics. With the Internet, having the most money is not the “end all” advantage it used to be. 56% of the people who vote, say they get their information about the candidates from the candidates’ website. Combine the Internet with a terrific group of volunteers helping you spread your word like wild fire across a grassroots network and you can see why, even though the old dogs keep talking money, Team DuBose keeps right on working. In Georgia we have already seen this happen before and it will happen again on July 20, 2010.
So stay with us as DuBose and Team DuBose work to put the people’s voice back in their government. Join us and stay tuned to Team DuBose as we blog you through the 2010 Legislative session.

DuBose Porter has been fighting for you
and will continue to do so as Georgia's governor.
Vote for DuBose July 20 , 2010.
Put your voice back in your government.