Thursday, January 28, 2010

49. Carol Porter speaks to NFIB/GA.

Carol Porter, wife of DuBose Porter, filled in for him yesterday at the National Federation of Independent Business Governor's Forum in Atlanta. DuBose was at a ceremony where he was being recognized by Georgia Trend for being one of the 100 Most Influential Georgians. Carol was on the news, but we also have a video of Carol telling the group of small business owners why Georgia needs to elect a Governor who will, unlike the Governors of the past decade, manage the state for the good of the people over the good of their campaign donors. If you provide quality eduction, train for jobs and attract the industry that will bring the jobs, then small businesses will thrive.

Carol, along with the candidates running for Governor, was asked three questions concerning the economy and how small business, which creates most of the jobs in Georgia, would be enhanced under their governorship. (And even though the room was heavily Republican, Carol called for them to look at which party is truly pro-business. Saying does not mean doing. Tax incentives for small businesses are only one part of the picture. If you have gridlock, water issues, are number one in the percentage of your population in the correctional system AND are in the bottom in education, is that going to attract jobs and industry to Georgia? Doesn't sound pro-business to us. )

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48. DuBose Porter: Victory over the Hawk System.

Today is a great day for Georgia.

A dark period of Georgia history will end today when the new Speaker, David Ralston, pushes a vote for a rules change that will end the Hawk system in the Georgia House of Representatives; the system that has taken your voice out of your government, for the past six years.

You can scroll down to blog # 19, published Nov. 23,2009, or use the archives on the right, to verify for yourself this actually happened in your state. Here is an excerpt (after today it will be written in the past tense:)

'Only in Georgia can a small number, of legislators, called Hawks, appointed by the speaker or a committee he appoints, go into any committee, regardless of having read the bill or heard one word of testimony, and vote to change the outcome of a bill.
You read that right. Hawks can vote in any committee, at any time, even if they are not members of that committee, even if they have never read the bill being voted on or even if they have never even heard of the bill on which they are voting. These appointees have the power to override the will of the committee and therefore the will of the people.
In our representative government how can the Hawks be allowed to overthrow the people's will? They made their own rule. Rule 11.8 in the Rules, Ethics and Decorum of the House of Representatives gives the Hawks the power to usurp the will of the people.

The actual rule:
11.8 The Speaker, or the Committee on Assignments, may appoint one or more members to the position of Hawk. The Speaker may designate one of the Hawks as the Senior Hawk. The Hawks shall serve as ex officio members of all standing committees and subcommittees of the House and shall have a vote on all committees and subcommittees.'


DuBose has been fighting for your right to representative democracy against the Hawk System for six years. Now that he has been campaigning all across Georgia, the truth is getting out to all Georgians, and you are making your voices heard.
You have spoken
and the Hawks power to fly
will end today.
Thank you to our supporters and to the many Georgians who have become engaged in their government and have said, "enough." Thank you also to the new Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives, David Ralston, for joining us and all Georgians who want their voice back in their government, and for having the leadership to stop what was once the largest threat to democracy in the United States.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

47. DuBose Porter: Who raised your property taxes? Not me.

People  have had such a hard time believing that the political brand (in this case the elected Republicans in Georgia)  that they have voted for, for the express reason of keeping their taxes low, actually voted to raise their property taxes.

See for yourself who voted to give you
the largest property tax increase
in Georgia history,

last year, in the 2009 session. 

DuBose Porter went to the well of the House to speak against raising your property taxes. DuBose Porter knows our citizens cannot afford to have their property taxes increased during one of the worst economic downturns in state history. Many homeowners and small businesses are having trouble staying in their homes and businesses as it is.

Blind allegiance to any one party, and especially to any party that runs on one thing and gets to Atlanta and does another, is what is damaging this economy and the future prosperity of our state. It is time to step back, take the R and the D off of the name and look at what each politician actually does.

 Get engaged in your government. Find out the truth.
Who actually voted  to raise your taxes? See for yourself. 

HB 143 - Local government; homeowner tax relief grants; change certain provisions 

( in repealed it.  N = No, don't repeal it and don't raise property taxes. Y = Yes, repeal it and raise property taxes.)

HB 143PASSJanuary 30, 2009 11:14AM
  • NASHE, 56TH
  • NBAKER, 78TH
  • YBLACK, 174TH
  • NBRUCE, 64TH
  • YBRYANT, 160TH
  • YBURNS, 157TH
  • YBYRD, 20TH
  • YCARTER, 159TH
  • YCARTER, 175TH
  • YCASAS, 103RD
  • YCOAN, 101ST
  • YCOLE, 125TH
  • YCOX, 102ND
  • YDAVIS, 109TH
  • YDAVIS, 122ND
  • YDAY, 163RD
  • YDOBBS, 53RD
  • NDUKES, 150TH
  • NEPPS, 128TH
  • NEPPS, 140TH
  • NFLOYD, 99TH
  • NFLUDD, 66TH
  • NGORDON, 162ND
  • YGREENE, 149TH
  • YHANNER, 148TH
  • YHARBIN, 118TH
  • YHARDEN, 147TH
  • NHEARD, 114TH
  • YHILL, 180TH
  • YHILL, 21ST
  • YHOLT, 112TH
  • YHORNE, 71ST
  • NHOWARD, 121ST
  • NHUDSON, 124TH
  • NHUGLEY, 133RD
  • NJAMES, 135TH
  • NJONES, 44TH
  • YJONES, 46TH
  • YKEEN, 179TH
  • YKEOWN, 173RD
  • YKNIGHT, 126TH
  • YKNOX, 24TH
  • YLANE, 158TH
  • YLANE, 167TH
  • NLONG, 61ST
  • NLUCAS, 139TH
  • YMADDOX, 127TH
  • YMADDOX, 172ND
  • NMARIN, 96TH
  • YMAY, 111TH
  • NMAYO, 91ST
  • YMILLS, 25TH
  • YMORRIS, 155TH
  • NMOSBY, 90TH
  • NMURPHY, 120TH
  • YNEAL, 1ST
  • YNIX, 69TH
  • YO`NEAL, 146TH
  • YPARHAM, 141ST
  • YPEAKE, 137TH
  • NPORTER, 143RD
  • YPOWELL, 171ST
  • YPRUETT, 144TH
  • YREECE, 11TH
  • YREESE, 98TH
  • YRICE, 51ST
  • YSCOTT, 153RD
  • YSHAW, 176TH
  • NSHIPP, 58TH
  • YSIMS, 119TH
  • YSIMS, 169TH
  • YSMITH, 113TH
  • YSMITH, 129TH
  • YSMITH, 131ST
  • YSMITH, 168TH
  • YSMITH, 70TH
  • NSMYRE, 132ND
  • YTALTON, 145TH
  • NTHOMAS, 100TH
  • YWALKER, 107TH
  • NWIX, 33RD
  • YYATES, 73RD

 See for yourself

Put your voice back in your government.
Vote for DuBose Porter Governor, July 2010
DuBose Porter Works for YOU

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

46. DuBose Porter: Bandwagon 101 with HB356

Leadership is sticking up for what you know is right even in the face of overwhelming odds.
In the 2009 session, when DuBose Porter cosponsored HB356, the "point of sale" bill, the elected Republican leadership killed the bill in committee and chose instead to furlough teachers and state employees and raise your property taxes under some misguided understanding of small government. Smaller government should mean right-sized, efficient government at a price the people can afford to pay. Choosing to furlough teachers and state employees, and raising property taxes, when you know there is another way to find the revenue to prevent it without costing the tax payer one additional penny, is not good, small government. In addition, furloughs and property tax hikes will only further damage Georgia by sending a marketing message that will continue to turn away industry and jobs.

Campaigning for governor has been a humbling experience and it has shown me just how much you can do once the people of an entire state begin to hear the truth about their government. The demise of the Hawks is a great example. For six years I have been a relentless adversary to the Hawks system, the largest threat to democracy in America. These few legislators called themselves Hawks; it is the name they used on their name tags, because it tells of their ability to swoop into committees and take prey. The Republican ex-Speaker of the Georgia House and this small band of enforcers, the Hawks, had for six years, the power to personally change every vote, on every bill, in every committee before the Georgia House of Representatives. In doing so, they took away your right to representative government. In just one year of my campaigning statewide against the Hawks, bringing the arrogance and injustice of the Hawks before the people, we now have a new Speaker who has rescinded the appointment of the Hawks. By my campaigning statewide, the truth of HB356 is also being revealed. Where I was once the sole promoter of HB356 among candidates for governor, now the others are finally starting to follow.” - DuBose Porter

With true leadership, and with the people's best interest in mind, it is possible to get others to jump onto the best bandwagon for Georgia. Here is the article where the jumping began.
Revenue dept. in gov candidates' crosshairs
By Aaron Gould Sheinin
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
6:26 p.m. Monday, January 25, 2010

Candidates for governor, both Democrats and Republicans, found common ground on Monday: Changes are needed at the state Department of Revenue.
Speaking at a forum sponsored by the Georgia Municipal Association, several of the 10 candidates taking part zeroed in on the department as a source of ire as well as a potential source of additional tax revenue.
Some of the suggestions were based on policy and equipment. For example, Republican Karen Handel, the former secretary of state, said the department needs a technology overhaul that would help auditors better track and collect state sales tax.
But some recommendations were aimed squarely at Revenue Commissioner Bart Graham, who was appointed by Republican Gov. Sonny Perdue.
"We need a new Revenue commissioner," former Adjutant Gen. David Poythress, a Democrat, said.
The Department of Revenue is responsible for tracking and collecting income and sales taxes, as well as auditing tax returns and catching scofflaws who don't file as the law requires. Democrats, and some Republicans, have argued for years that the department is unable to accurately track whether businesses in the state are properly collecting and forwarding sales tax collections to local governments.
House Minority Leader DuBose Porter (D-Dublin), a candidate for governor, has made it a top issue in his campaign. Porter claims the state loses out on up to $1 billion in uncollected sales taxes and has been openly critical of Graham's handling of the issue.
"The Revenue department cannot account to you unreported and unpaid sales tax," Porter told the gathering of the state's mayors.
The concern was bipartisan. Republican Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine, now running for governor, said he has plans to "start a massive overhaul" at the Revenue department once he's elected.
"It is embarrassing how that Revenue department is run," Oxendine said.
Graham and his department are easy targets as tax collectors are rarely popular. Graham has argued that budget cuts have seriously wounded the department.
It no longer has three shifts of workers processing paper-filed income tax returns, for example, and a computer overhaul is being implemented in stages due to budget shortfalls...

Now, a year later than it should have passed, it seems there will be enough support to pass HB356 and to force the elected Republican majority to bring in this unreturned revenue.  It is past time to quit choosing to furlough our teachers and state employees, raising our property taxes, and hampering our state's ability to attract industry and jobs.

For those of you just finding out about HB356 here is an excerpt from an older blog:

You go into a store.
You buy something.
You pay sales tax.

At that point, in Georgia, two things may happen to the sales tax money you just paid. One, the business that received the sales tax money from you will send it to the state.  
Or two, the business owner will keep the sales tax money for his own personal use. You see the problem.
 Alabama has already implemented a point of sale bill and they found 1 billion extra dollars in unreturned sales tax to help them through their economic downturn. 
With 1 billion extra dollars, Georgia could have chosen to not furlough teachers and state employees and not raise property taxes. However, in Georgia, your Governor and the elected Republican leadership chose to let the bill DuBose cosponsored last session, HB356, die in committee. They chose instead to furlough and to repeal the Homeowner’s Tax Relief Grant under some misguided idea of smaller government. People want efficient low-cost government, but not government that cost them money and allows some citizens to cheat the system. (DuBose Porter also went to the well to keep the HTR Grant and voted to keep your property taxes from going up. However, they repealed the Grant anyway. Your taxes will be going up, thanks to the elected Republican leadership.)

Although it has not been passed yet, DuBose wants to thank the many people that have helped him in his struggle to bring HB356 into reality.
First, our many supporters, who have allowed DuBose to come speak around the state and have become informed on HB356 and have shared that message with others. Second, the Georgia Municipal Association and the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia, two organizations that first brought the problem to our attention and stayed the course with us, and forced the revenue department to do the joint studies on Hall County. This study produced results we knew were there all the time. Almost 25% of the businesses in Hall County did not return your sales taxes to you. Just imagine what it will be across the entire state. Third, the other cosponsors of the bill, Virgil Fludd, who was the first to bring the bill to our caucus, and to Calvin Smyre, Margaret Kaiser, Stacy Abrams, and Nikki Randall, who had the judgment and leadership to take on an unpopular cause and push it forward for the people. They did not relent even when the Revenue Department went on a publicity campaign to discredit HB356. Our supporters, these organizations and legislators stood firm and we thank them all.

 We cannot stop yet. 
HB356 still has to pass the legislature
to become a reality.

Continue to make your voice heard. Our message is spreading and there are still many more battles to be won and things to do including rebuilding and reshaping our educational system; making your government use your money where they tell you it will be used; designing water and transportation plans around water ways and transportation corridors instead of campaign donor lists; stopping the job blocking; and marketing the state to attract industry instead of the ineffective and damaging strategy we now employ.
 Join us as we continue to bring the truth about your government to you. Volunteer to help us spread the word about what is truly going on behind closed doors in your government. Representing the people’s interest first is what DuBose Porter has always done as a Legislator and what he will continue to do as your next governor. In this economy, Georgians cannot afford to be apathetic about their government. Get engaged in the system. It is yours. Vote for real independent leadership. DuBose Porter works for you.

Put your voice back in your government,
your money back in your pocket,
AND let’s work together
 to attract industry and jobs for all Georgians.
 Vote for DuBose Porter, Governor 2010.

45. DuBose Porter on Fox 5 pushing HB356. other candidates begin to join him.

Forum Held for Ga. Governor Candidates
Updated: Monday, 25 Jan 2010, 7:03 PM EST
Published : Monday, 25 Jan 2010, 7:03 PM EST
Edited By: Leigha Baugham |
Georgia gubernatorial candidates made their case to the state's local leaders at a mayors' day conference Monday afternoon. The Georgia Municipal Association hosted the candidates' forum in downtown Atlanta.The Georgia Municipal Association hosted the forum as a part of its annual Mayors' Day Conference.The Democratic candidates for governor debated first, followed by the Republicans.
Insider Advantage's Matt Towery served as moderator and panelists included Tom Crawford of Capitol Impact, Susan Hoffman, co-host of Georgia Public Broadcasting's "Lawmakers" and Charles Richardson, of the Macon Telegraph.

DuBose Porter continues to put your interests first.
Put your voice back in your government,
vote for an independent mind in the Democratic primary, July 2010. 
Vote for DuBose Porter

Monday, January 25, 2010

44. DuBose Porter supports GAE protest.

DuBose Porter had committed many weeks ago, to attend the inauguration of Edward DuBose as President of the state N.A.A.C.P. in Columbus, and was unable to attend the rally to protect education in Georgia at the state Capitol on Saturday, January 23, 2010. Carol Porter, DuBose's wife, three Georgia Association of Educators (past and present members), and five members of Team DuBose went on his behalf to help lend support for education in Georgia.

Past and present Georgia Association of Educators, ( l. to r. ) Effie Carr, Jerri Alligood and Lillie Hobbs rode up to Atlanta with Carol to join in the protest against the destructive policies of Governor Perdue and his friends. Educators, and all friends of education, know DuBose Porter has always been there for them, defending education at every turn. DuBose knows without a well-educated citizenry Georgia will not be able to attract the jobs we need to get our economy back on track nor will we be able to prosper in the future. Strong public schools are and must continue to be the bedrock of a strong economy for Georgia's future.

There were hundreds of pro-education supporters at the GAE rally. Many speakers gave lists of reasons why education is not a luxury but a necessity for Georgia. One speaker did say that friends of education needed to make the right vote for education in the upcoming elections. He said, "We couldn't keep what we had, and we couldn't go back to the politician we know did not work before. We needed to move forward."
We could not agree more. Vote for education. Vote for DuBose.

This young man's poster says it all. Last year Gov. Perdue and his friends kicked our veterans out of their War Veterans Home in Milledgeville and built a fish pond in Perry instead. This year they are slashing education to unsustainable levels and building a horse barn in Perry instead. Does that represent your values? What message does this send to industry looking to come to Georgia? One of the first things an industry asks is, "Show us your demographics on education." Georgia must be able to show we have a well-educated workforce, one that is easily trainable, to compete in the high tech job market.

Nine Team DuBose members attended the GAE protest rally and we all met lots of new friends who already know DuBose Porter is the politician who has always worked for them to put education first. Carol Porter (right) poses with two educators who promise to send their names for the blog via facebook.

Small government is a good thing when it works. To reduce government down to the size where it does not educate our public is a plan for disaster. Georgia is already number one in the percentage of our population in the prison system. Roy Barnes wants to increase prison beds. The current Governor, along with the elected Republican leadership, hopes to privatize prisons (they have already started this process by closing some state prisons, which is resulting in packing prisoners into local jails. More on this in a future blog.) There is a lot of money to be made in donations for those politicians at the top who choose to cater to the developers who build prisons and to those who hope to run them when they are privatized. Not so much for politicians, like DuBose, who do not want to build more prisons, but to prevent the need for more prisons, by educating our children instead. If Georgia will elect DuBose Porter governor, Georgia will be safer and more competitive in the job market. Instead of imprisoning entire segments of the population at a rate that is financially unsustainable to the tax payer, we will be employing entire segments of the population who will help our citizens pay taxes instead of taking taxes. DuBose has a working plan to prevent the need for more prisons.
When DuBose was Chairman of Education and Chairman of Higher Education he saw that it was the Governor's office that drove policy and made the difference in education in Georgia. It will take the will and power of the Governor's office to drive the correct educational policy that will create taxpayers instead of prisoners. Prison populations are predicted using third grade reading scores. It costs $8,000 to educate a child and up to $50,000 to imprison one, not to mention the cost to the victims of crime, the loss of a bread winner to the prisoners' families and the financial cost of the displaced prisoner to our society. You do the math. The citizens of Georgia are the ones that are paying for our undervalued education system in lives and money.
Education works. It is in Georgia's Constitution that our primary goal is to educate our public. The United States is now 27th in the world in educational rankings and Georgia is in the bottom 40s among states. Add those numbers up and you can see Georgia is not positioning our students to take their rightful places in the global economy. China has more honor students than the United States has students. We cannot afford to lose another generation. We also cannot afford to elect another Governor who uses teachers as the scapegoats when it is the system that needs help. Quite simply, Georgia cannot afford another Governor who runs the state on the interests of wealthy campaign donors instead of on the interest of the people.
If we are to compete for the jobs of the future, if we are to keep our state and this nation great, we must make education our top priority. Our children deserve no less. Our taxpayers cannot afford to keep incarcerating instead of educating, just because politicians make more money building prisons than they do educating children. DuBose Porter knows that a good education, combined with job training, will prevent the financial drain caused by continuing to be number one in the percentage of our population in the correctional system.
Education increases the number of taxpayers, easing the tax burden on us all, and it also attracts industry and jobs. Education is a much better plan for Georgia's citizens than using prisons as our number one growth industry. A well-educated citizenry reduces taxes on us all. It is time to elect a politician who will not run Georgia based on the money he receives from wealthy donors, but on the money he saves the taxpayer. DuBose Porter works for you.

Put your voice back in your government
and your money back in your pocket.

Vote for DuBose Porter,

an independent mind
in the Democratic primary, July 2010.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

43. DuBose Porter: Polititians must pay taxes.

DuBose Porter has always been the voice of the people.
His support of ethics is not new. It  just seems new to a lot of people because DuBose is new to them.

DuBose has always been on the front lines in the war against corruption in government. His 6 year battle against the Hawks, the greatest threat to democracy in the United States, ( Read Blog#19)  was not because it was a rule of the elected Republican leadership, but because it was bad for Georgia.  In 1991, DuBose ran against Tom Murphy, the Speaker of his own party, to protest the "slush fund" and although he lost the race, DuBose was able to end the slush fund, pass the Fair and Open Grants Acts and gained for legislators the right to know which bills would be voted on before the day of the vote.  DuBose has been, and will continue to be, the strongest supporter of ethics legislation. (Read blog #37.)

He is again addressing the concerns of the people by cosponsoring HB911, which will make it so legislators and other politicians have to pay their taxes before they can serve.
HB911 is the enabling legislation for HR 1087 which is the Constitutional Amendment to be voted on by you.  The video clip below explains it further:

Now that DuBose is running for Governor people are starting to see what the people of Laurens County have always known, DuBose Porter works for you. Get to know DuBose and Help us spread the word.

Put your voice back in your government.
Vote for DuBose Porter,  July 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

42. DuBose Porter: Governor Perdue Misguided on Education and the Meaning of Smaller Government.

Dear Voter, 
Is phasing out the public school system in Georgia what you had in mind when you voted for smaller government? How about staying number one, in the entire United States, in the percentage of our population in the correctional system? Does that sound like what you had in mind when you voted for smaller government? That is what you will continue to get with Governor Perdue's unrelenting cuts to education.
It is true, you can predict prison populations based on third grade reading scores. It cost around $8,000 to educate a child and up to $50,000 to imprison one. Who do you think is paying for that difference? You are. Is that the smaller government you meant?
Even if it were morally correct to lock up entire segments of our population, when we know a quality education will prevent it, Georgia can not afford to keep doing so financially. Civilized society requires an educated public. What people want and deserve is not, no government, but efficient, cost effective government at a price they can afford to pay. (If you will remember DuBose voted against the largest property tax increase in Georgia history, which the elected Republican leadership voted in for you last session. Georgians can not afford higher property taxes. At a time when Georgia has more people unemployed than the population of the city of Atlanta, how on earth could politicians have voted to raise the citizens' property taxes? Many of these citizens are barely holding on to their homes as it is.)

Education is good for Georgia and it is possible to educate our students in a way that produces law abiding, job holding citizens. Not only is it possible to have an affordable public education system that graduates every student at the peak of their potential, with "the point of sale" bill, HB356, that DuBose cosponsored last session and will again this session, it is also possible to find the money to prevent teacher furloughs (for all state employees as well) without raising taxes. It was a long sentence, but a correct one. Georgia could have prevented furloughs. The Governor has chosen to furlough teachers under some misguided interpretation he has of smaller government. To him smaller government includes not giving an adequate education to “the general” public. What he does not seem to accept is that dismantling education will only increase Georgia's budget shortfalls by turning away industry and jobs at the same time as it continues to create a burgeoning prison population that is financially unsustainable in any economy. Not only would the passage of HB356 have prevented furloughs, it is possible through priority budgeting, innovative thinking and new technology usage to stop the cuts to education even in this economy.
Watch the video clip below to see Governor Perdue's comments and those of DuBose Porter and then scroll down to read blogs on how the point of sale bill would work for you.
Lori Geary reports for WSB Channel 2 in a segment entitled: “Governor Looks To Furloughs To Save Money” (use your back button to return.)

Stop Furloughs.
Help DuBose Porter pass House Bill 356. 

Save Education.
Vote DuBose Porter Governor,  July 2010 

Feel free to cut, paste and email this blog to as many friends of education as possible.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

41. DuBose Porter: Constitution says Educate!

Just in case anyone has forgotten.
Not only does a strong education system attract industry, improve the quality of life, and save the tax payers money by decreasing the percentage of our population in the correction system (of which Georgia is number one in the entire United States) is in Georgia's constitution.

Georgia State Constitution
The provision of an adequate public education for the citizens shall be a primary obligation of the State of Georgia.

adequate |ˈadikwit|
satisfactory or acceptable in quality or quantity

primary |ˈprīˌmerē; ˈprīm(ə)rē|
1 of chief importance; principal

Honor the Constitution: Educate. 
 DuBose Porter works for you.
Vote July 20, 2010

Saturday, January 16, 2010

40. DuBose Porter to Attend Several MLK Events

DuBose and Carol Porter will begin the celebration for Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Dublin, Georgia.
The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

delivered his first speech
in Dublin, Georgia 
at the First African Baptist Church in 1944. 

Here is an excerpt from that speech:

"We cannot have an enlightened democracy with one great group living in ignorance. We cannot have a healthy nation with one-tenth of the people ill-nourished, sick, harboring germs of disease which recognize no color lines-obey no Jim Crow laws. We cannot have a nation orderly and sound with one group so ground down and thwarted that it is almost forced into unsocial attitudes and crime. We cannot be truly Christian people so long as we flout the central teachings of Jesus: brotherly love and the Golden Rule. We cannot come to full prosperity with one great group so ill-delayed that it cannot buy goods. So as we gird ourselves to defend democracy from foreign attack, let us see to it that increasingly at home we give fair play and free opportunity for all people."- MLK as a young man

Here is another speech of which you may be more familiar:


All men are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality.- Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Friday, January 15, 2010

39. DuBose Porter, "No Furloughs for Teachers or State Employees Needed"

DuBose Porter was in the news today. Governor Perdue has decided to cut education and add three more furlough days for teachers.  The video below shows the Governor cutting education and DuBose continuing to push HB356 which would add revenue to our budget by collecting unreturned sales tax. Many businesses in Georgia (sometimes as high as 25% per county) operate without a sales tax certificate. Here is a the example from Team DuBose Blog 32:
Example: You go into a store. You buy something. You pay sales tax.
At that point, in Georgia, two things may happen to the sales tax money you just paid. One, the business that received the sales tax money from you will send it to the state. Or two, the business owner will keep the sales tax money for his own personal use. You see the problem.
Alabama has already implemented a point of sale bill and they found 1 billion extra dollars in unreturned sales tax to help them through their economic downturn.
With 1 billion extra dollars, Georgia could have chosen to not furlough state employees (and not raise property taxes.) 
The Governor does not support HB356 and the elected Republican Leadership last year let HB356 die in committee. DuBose will be bringing a new HB356 again this session.

DuBose Porter will continue to fight to get your money back for you. 
Join us and let's give our state strong public schools.
A well educated workforce will attract industry and help grow jobs.

DuBose Porter 
will put your voice back in your government.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

38. DuBose Porter's Transparent Fee Legislation.

The Greenest of the Blue candidates, the anti-corruption candidate, the most pro-education candidate in the race, DuBose Porter,  got two thumbs up on his resolution, HR293, from the Georgia Municipal Association. This bill  will give a designated source of funds for Natural Resources. That is supposed to be happening now, but your government has been taking your fees for one thing and using  them for another.
DuBose has long campaigned for open and transparent government and against a government that tells its people one thing and then quietly does another. In Georgia, saying one thing and doing another has reached an art form.  This legislation, HR293, would give voter's the chance to vote for themselves if they want the truth or not. With this legislation it would be constitutionally wrong to lie about where your fee money is going.   From the GMA website,'This legislation would place a Constitutional question on the 2010 general election ballot which would authorize the creation of a dedicated fund for the preservation and protection of natural resources.'

(You would think
you would not need an amendment like this,
but you do.)

In a nutshell:

You(Government) either use the money for what 
you(government) said it was for when 
they(government) made 
you(Citizens) pay it, 
or you(government)cannot use it at all. 

It is a little complicated, that is why
they (the politicians and bureaucrats ) have been able to get around it.

This is the truth in fees legislation (blog #16) click here to read more. Or just read it here:
"Thank you to the many local governmental agencies who contributed to the article (which can be read in our web news feeds) in the AJC, “State uses funds anyplace it wants,” illustrating the deceptive practices in Georgia’s fee disbursement. Telling Georgians that fees will go one place then using them in another is wrong. It is one of the reasons I voted against last year’s budget. It is the reason why I sponsored HR293, the “transparent fee” bill, which would stop this deceptive practice. Once again, Georgia’s elected Republican leadership let this bill die in committee so they could continue to use the money where they wanted it, not where the people wanted it. I believe in a simple political philosophy – tell the people the truth. It works every time. The fees should be used where the people were told they would be used – end of story. If, and in this economy when, you have a budget shortfall elsewhere, use priority budgeting, copy other states’ successful programs, or even eliminate a fishpond, but never lie to the public about what you are doing with their money. When there is a problem in the budget, tell the people the truth, and the people will tell you what they want.  It is called representative government. People elect you; you represent them.  It has worked for me for 27 years and it is how I will work for you as your next governor."-Democratic Leader DuBose Porter

Click on " bill text " in the box below to read the actual legislation from the GMA website.

HR 293
Dedicated Fund for Natural Resources Preservation and Protection
Municipal Impact

Representative DuBose Porter
GMA Position:
Last Updated:
GMA Contact:
Tom Gehl, (678) 686-6247
Related Bills:

Subject Area:
bill text | legislative status | add to "My Bills" | printer friendly format
Pending in the House Ways & Means Committee. 

If you want a Governor who will 
put accountability back in your government 
Vote for DuBose Porter July 20, 2010.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

37. Not as strong as DuBose Porter's ethics bill, but...

it is a step in the right direction.

 story may be found at

House ethics bill gains support By Tom Baxter,  
Morris News Service Published Wenesday January 13, 2010

ATLANTA – A Republican bill to strengthen ethics laws is gaining bi-partisan strength in the House since its introduction Monday, the first day of the current legislative session. 

House Judiciary Chairman Wendell Willard said Tuesday he has more than 40 co-signers for an ethics bill which will limit the value of gifts lobbyists can give legislators to a value of $100 or less, and crack down on transfers of campaign money from one legislator to another.

The bill would also reduce the contribution limit for candidates for statewide office, and set a hard limit for legislative candidates, rather than the current guidelines pegged to the cost of living.
It would also prohibit members of the governor's staff from registering as lobbyists for a year after leaving their jobs – the same standard which the law currently sets for legislators.
After a similar bill was "dead on arrival" when it was introduced last year, Willard said, he worked with representatives of public-interest groups to craft a new bill and began to circulate it among legislators last fall, before the scandal which brought down former House Speaker Glenn Richardson. He said his bill was "not motivated by those problems."
"I see some things we do that need to have better guidelines, and that's what we're trying to address," the Atlanta Republican said.
Willard's co-sponsors include Minority Leader DuBose Porter and Democratic Caucus Chairman Calvin Smyre. Willard said the co-signers include a "good mixture" of Democrats and Republicans.
The $100 limit on gifts is less than the $25 limit proposed by Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver, D-Decatur, * and the limits imposed by some states, which ban even the purchase of a cup of coffee for a legislator. But it would be a significant tightening, and would eliminate "the recourse of airplane tickets or tickets to big sporting events," Willard said.
Willard said his bill was "one of what will probably be several" pieces devoted to tightening ethics standards. He said he anticipated a joint House-Senate committee could be convened to reach a consensus bill.
* It  is often hard to mention every legislator on every bill, but DuBose was also a cosponsor with Rep. Oliver. As mentioned here at Team DuBose in blog 22 and 21. Here is an excerpt from blog 21:

'In 2005, State Representative Mary Margaret Oliver, D-Decatur, and I offered amendments to the Governor’s Ethics Package that were voted down by the Republican members of the committee. We also introduced a similar comprehensive measure in 2006, HB 47, but House Republican leaders buried it in committee and never gave it a hearing.' 

In fact,
the House Ethics Committee, 
where the bill was assigned, 
never even met that year. 

To read     21. Hawks are more than Ethics Violations.  click here


Also here is a copy of the joint press release from  Oliver and Porter issued December 11, 2009

Oliver, Porter introduce Anti-Corruption Ethics Legislation

Atlanta – With substantial ethics reform needed more than ever at the state capitol, State Representative Mary Margaret Oliver, D-Decatur, and House Democratic Leader and candidate for Governor in 2010, DuBose Porter, D-Dublin, are co-sponsoring anti-corruption ethics legislation for the upcoming session of the General Assembly. In 2005, Rep. Oliver and Rep. Porter offered amendments to the Governor’s Ethics Package that were voted down by the Republican members of the committee. Together they also introduced a similar comprehensive measure in 2006, HB 47, but House Republican leaders buried it in committee and never gave it a hearing. In fact, the House Ethics Committee, where the bill was assigned, never even met that year.

"We owe the people of Georgia more than the old Republican leadership has delivered on ethics reform. I sense a strong frustration by the rank and file of both parties, and we need and I expect a bi-partisan effort to restore faith in Georgia’s state government,” said Mary Margaret Oliver.
HB 890 lowers campaign contribution limits from $5,000 to $2,000 for a primary election, $3,000 to $1,000 for a primary run-off election, $5,000 to $3,000 for a general election, and $3,000 to $2,000 for a general election runoff. The bill will also limit contributions to political parties to $5,000. To curb the influence of special interest money, HB 891 sets a ban on gifts over $25 for state lawmakers. And lastly, HB 892 would establish public funding for judicial elections, which have seen an influx of partisan activity in recent years, threatening an impartial bench in Georgia.

“Georgia needs a bipartisan reform of the ethics law in our state. Had the contents of our earlier legislation been considered and adopted, the circumstances that evolved from the Republican House leadership, concerning the excessive amounts of lobbyist spending, could not have occurred. Passing anti-corruption ethics legislation will send a strong message to the citizens that lawmakers at the state capitol are serious about getting Georgia back on track and moving forward,” said DuBose Porter.
Representative Mary Margaret Oliver is a member of the Judiciary, Appropriations, Science and Technology and Governmental Affairs committees, and past Chairman of the Judiciary committees in both the House and the Senate. 
House Democratic Leader DuBose Porter, a candidate for Governor in 2010, serves on the Ethics, Rules, Appropriations, and Agriculture and Consumer Affairs committees.

Stay tuned for more news updates as we blog you through the 2010 session.

Put your voice back in your government. 

Vote for DuBose Porter July 2010


36.Team DuBose Porter brings you the Legislature Live

It only works when they are live in session, but 
Click here to watch the Legislature Live and catch Governor Purdue's State of the State address today at 11a.m. We will also try to link up the response from Commissioner Michael L. Thurmond (GA) afterwards.

Click on House of Representatives - Live Session and then wait about 20 seconds for it to start. It will show.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

35 plus one. DuBose Porter Speech on First Day of Session.

Today in the session was a low key day mainly used for first readers (the first time you read a bill and assign it to a committee.)  So today at Team DuBose we will give you the audio file of DuBose on the first day of the session.

DuBose Porter, Democratic Leader of the Georgia House of Representatives, nominated Representative Calvin Smyre for Speaker on the first day of the session. Rep. Smyre is Chairman of the Democratic Caucus. As Calvin says in his speech, we knew the majority party had the votes and that he would not win, but it gave the minority party a chance to voice their issues  and DuBose certainly did. Along with listing the great contributions Calvin has made to Georgia, DuBose also pointed out that Georgia needs more of the equation before they can truly say they are pro-business. Incentives are just a part of a larger whole of the things that attract industry and help existing industry grow in Georgia and create jobs. We also have to strengthen schools and public safety and have water and transportation plans that work.
DuBose continued to fight against corruption in your government by pointing out the largest threat to Democracy in the United States, the Hawk system, where for the past 6 years, in Georgia only, the Speaker and a small group of his friends created and have used a rule that allows them to go into every committee and change the vote - on any bill.  You read that right, on any bill, the Hawks can change the vote. They even put the name Hawk on their  name tags. They called themselves that because they said they can swoop into committees and take prey. You read that right too. Read Blog#19 ( you can use the archives on the right to quickly navigate) to read more on the Hawks and read the actual rule that created them.
You can also hear the speech for yourself, thanks to the savvy social media skills of Bernita Smith. Bernita posted an audio file of DuBose's speech which you can hear  by clicking on "track detail"on the widget below. (Use your back button to return to this page.)

     Get this widget
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Thank you to
Bernita Smith

 at blog for Democracy where Team DuBose found the audio file above. In addition, Bernita has posted audio files for Rep. Kathy Ashe accepting the pro Tem nomination and you can hear Rep. Calvin Smyre's acceptance speech. Bernita also conducted and posted interviews which she made into a great short video with comments from the new Speaker David Ralston and a few Democratic lawmakers as they gave their take on the future of the House with new leadership.
Tomorrow is the Governor's State of the State address at 11a.m. in a joint session of the House and the Senate. You can watch it and all of the action during the general assembly live online at this link,2141,4802_6107101,00.html

Stay tuned to Team DuBose
as we keep you posted during the 2010 session.
Put your voice back in your government. 
Vote DuBose Porter for Governor July 20, 2010.

Monday, January 11, 2010

35. DuBose Porter Starts 2010 Session Today.

January 11, 2010 Atlanta, Georgia

 As you know DuBose has chosen to honor his pledge to the people to serve as their State Representative for the rest of his term. He will continue to run for the Governor's office, however he will not be stepping down to raise money for his race for the governor's office. As stated in Team DuBose's last blog DuBose said,  "To break a pledge I took with my hand on the Bible would not be something I would do. I am asking Georgians to put their trust in me. Honoring my commitments is part of who I am." As did all General Assembly members and Constitutional Officers, DuBose took an oath to serve at the beginning of the 2009 session for a two year term, therefore today's session will not need an oath.
DuBose will continue to run in the governor's race. DuBose will not be able to accept donations until the session ends. He will continue to serve as a State Representative until the start of the next session, when the new Representative (whoever wins his House District 143) is sworn in and DuBose, God willing and with your support, takes another oath he will honor, as Governor of Georgia.
Several people at the 48th Annual Wild Hog BBQ kick-off supper last night, sponsored by the Department of Agriculture,  asked how DuBose could make that choice knowing some of the other candidates would be able to keep raising money during the three months or longer session. DuBose's answer, "One, it is the right thing to do" and  "Two, there is this thing called the Internet."
The Internet has changed the playing field in politics. With the Internet, having the most money is not the “end all” advantage it used to be. 56% of the people who vote, say they get their information about the candidates from the candidates’ website. Combine the Internet with a terrific group of volunteers helping you spread your word like wild fire across a grassroots network and you can see why, even though the old dogs keep talking money, Team DuBose keeps right on working. In Georgia we have already seen this happen before and it will happen again on July 20, 2010.
So stay with us as DuBose and Team DuBose work to put the people’s voice back in their government. Join us and stay tuned to Team DuBose as we blog you through the 2010 Legislative session.

DuBose Porter has been fighting for you
and will continue to do so as Georgia's governor.
Vote for DuBose July 20 , 2010.
Put your voice back in your government.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

34. Last Day to donate to DuBose Porter Monday 10a.m.

     Between now and  Monday at 10 a.m. 
Your last chance to donate to DuBose
until after the session.
 When the gavel hits the podium Monday, January 11, 2010 it will signify the start of the legislative session. It will also begin the period during the session when DuBose  will not be able to raise money. It is against Georgia law for members of the General Assembly or State Constitutional Officers  to accept contributions when the Legislature is in session. There has been much discussion for DuBose to step down so that he could continue to raise money for the governor's race, however DuBose felt strongly that it was his duty and obligation to honor his oath of office. "To break a pledge I took with my hand on the Bible would not be something I would do," Porter said. " I am asking Georgians to put their trust in me. Honoring my commitments is part of who I am."

While you can not donate to DuBose after Monday morning at 10 a.m. and until the session ends you can donate now. Help us  pass the word and volunteer to join us as DuBose Porter works to bring the people's voice to their government.

Stay tuned to Team DuBose as we follow DuBose through the 2010 legislative session.

33. DuBose Porter has Money and Grassroots.

The financial disclosures were due for candidates in the 2010 Governor's race at midnight last night, for the December 31, 2009 reporting period. DuBose filed his in plenty of time with the aid of assistant campaign manager Jenny Evans and Treasurer  Beth Vaughn. Team DuBose offers a big thank you to them and to the many supporters who are helping DuBose in his efforts to bring jobs to Georgia by strengthening public safety and our education systems, and implementing plans for transportation and water that will work. Below is the release DuBose sent to the press.

Dublin – DuBose Porter’s Campaign for Governor announced today that it has raised $373,437 since April with in-kind contributions of $13,396.39 and cash on hand of $303,807.74. The Porter campaign has spent $69,630 since April.

 “I am very pleased with our fundraising efforts. There are two types of campaigns. One is a big money campaign where the candidate sits in a room and dials for dollars. The second is a grassroots campaign where the candidate gets out and creates a dialogue with the people. When I look at past campaigns where grassroots candidates defeated big money candidates,  we are actually a little ahead in the ratio of money to our largest competitor. In Georgia, history proves that grassroots beats big money. I have chosen to run a grassroots campaign. I never expected to have the most money. What I do have are the best volunteers and supporters, and I thank them for their hard work and dedication. It will be people, not dollars, that cast the votes, and I believe the people want a candidate who will not only hear their voices, but be their voice,” said DuBose Porter.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

32. DuBose Porter on Georgia Trend's Top 100

DuBose Porter continued to find his name again on Georgia Trend's list of the 100 Most Influential People in Georgia, in their January 2010 edition. The caption about DuBose from the print version does need a correction concerning HB356.

The bill does not involve Internet sales.

The bill in question, HB356, the "point of sale" bill, cosponsored by DuBose Porter in the 2009 session, has been written about extensively in several newspapers and here on the Team DuBose blog. It has nothing to do with Internet sales. It involves unreturned sales tax.

Example: You go into a store. You buy something. You pay sales tax.
At that point, in Georgia, two things may happen to the sales tax money you just paid. One, the business that received the sales tax money from you will send it to the state. Or two, the business owner will keep the sales tax money for his own personal use. You see the problem.
Alabama has already implemented a point of sale bill and they found 1 billion extra dollars in unreturned sales tax to help them through their economic downturn.
With 1 billion extra dollars, Georgia could have chosen to not furlough state employees and not raise property taxes. However, in Georgia, your elected Republican leadership chose to let the bill DuBose cosponsored, HB356, die in committee. They in effect chose instead to furlough state employees and repeal the Homestead Property Tax Relief Grant. ( DuBose Porter went to the well to keep the Grant and keep your property taxes from going up. However, they repealed the grant anyway. Your taxes will be going up thanks to the elected Republican leadership.)
Do not be disheartened, now that DuBose is running for governor he has had the opportunity to speak around the state and has been championing HB356. The same elected Republican leadership that killed the bill last year is now being encouraged to pass it in the next session.
For more on HB356, the point of sale bill, you may scroll down to blogs # 28, #24, #18, #17 and #15.

Here is the blurb on DuBose in Georgia Trend with the word Internet crossed out and the correct wording in bold.  For clarity, DuBose is co-owner and C.E.O. of Courier Publishing which owns nine newspapers, is an attorney, manages several real estate holdings and serves as a Director of The Bank of Dudley.


DuBose Porter
Georgia House of Representatives
Newspaper owner
Age: 56
Porter, one of the state’s top ranking Democrats as minority leader in the Georgia House and a state representative since 1982, threw his hat into the ring last April for the governor’s race. In 2009, Porter co-sponsored – and continues to fight for – a point of sale bill, which he argues would help Georgia claim more than $1 billion of lost revenue from Internet unreturned sales tax without raising taxes. He has also been a proponent of ethics reform.

It is an honor to be mentioned in Georgia Trend's list. We thank them for the mention.

Friday, January 1, 2010

31. DuBose Porter says Georgia is on my Mind

 We hope you all had a safe and happy New Year's Eve. We are thinking many of you are taking the day off to relax. What better way to begin the day, than with one of the best songs ever, sung by one of best ever, famous Georgian, Ray Charles. Have a great day, enjoy your family and friends, say a prayer for the new year and join us as we continue to work to become your voice in Georgia's government.

Have a Happy New Year

Georgia on my Mind
the lyrics and a short history

Georgia, Georgia, the whole day through
Just an old sweet song
Keeps Georgia on my mind

Talkin' 'bout Georgia
I'm in Georgia
A song of you
Comes as sweet and clear as moonlight through the pines

Other arms reach out to me
Other eyes smile tenderly
Still in peaceful dreams I see
The road leads back to you

Georgia, sweet Georgia, no peace I find
Just an old sweet song
Keeps Georgia on my mind

Other arms reach out to me
Other eyes smile tenderly
Still in peaceful dreams I see
The road leads back
It always leads back to you
"Georgia on My Mind"
Single by Ray Charles
from the album The Genius Hits the Road
B-side "What'd I Say"
Released 1960 (1960)
Recorded 1960
Genre Blues
Writer(s) Hoagy Carmichael (music)
Stuart Gorrell (lyrics)
"Georgia on My Mind" is a song written in 1930 by Hoagy Carmichael (music) and Stuart Gorrell (lyrics). It is the official state song of the U.S. state of Georgia. Gorrell wrote the lyrics for Hoagy's sister, Georgia Carmichael [1]. However, the lyrics of the song are ambiguous enough to refer either to the state or to a woman named "Georgia". Carmichael's 1965 autobiography, Sometimes I Wonder, records the origin: a friend, saxophonist and bandleader Frankie Trumbauer, suggested: "Why don't you write a song called 'Georgia?' Nobody lost much writing about the South." Thus, the song is universally believed to have been written about the state.
The song was first recorded on September 15, 1930 in New York by Hoagy Carmichael and His Orchestra with Bix Beiderbecke on muted cornet and Hoagy Carmichael on vocals. The recording was part of Bix Beiderbecke's last recording session. The recording was released as Victor 23013 with "One Night in Havana".
Frankie Trumbauer had the first major hit recording in 1931 when his recording made the top ten on the charts. Trumbauer had suggested that Carmichael compose the song.
The song is perhaps best known as sung by Ray Charles, who recorded it in 1960 on the album The Genius Hits the Road. It became Georgia's state song in 1979. Inspired by this blues version, Willie Nelson formally introduced the song to country audiences in 1978 as a #1 Country/Western hit.