Thursday, January 14, 2010

38. DuBose Porter's Transparent Fee Legislation.

The Greenest of the Blue candidates, the anti-corruption candidate, the most pro-education candidate in the race, DuBose Porter,  got two thumbs up on his resolution, HR293, from the Georgia Municipal Association. This bill  will give a designated source of funds for Natural Resources. That is supposed to be happening now, but your government has been taking your fees for one thing and using  them for another.
DuBose has long campaigned for open and transparent government and against a government that tells its people one thing and then quietly does another. In Georgia, saying one thing and doing another has reached an art form.  This legislation, HR293, would give voter's the chance to vote for themselves if they want the truth or not. With this legislation it would be constitutionally wrong to lie about where your fee money is going.   From the GMA website,'This legislation would place a Constitutional question on the 2010 general election ballot which would authorize the creation of a dedicated fund for the preservation and protection of natural resources.'

(You would think
you would not need an amendment like this,
but you do.)

In a nutshell:

You(Government) either use the money for what 
you(government) said it was for when 
they(government) made 
you(Citizens) pay it, 
or you(government)cannot use it at all. 

It is a little complicated, that is why
they (the politicians and bureaucrats ) have been able to get around it.

This is the truth in fees legislation (blog #16) click here to read more. Or just read it here:
"Thank you to the many local governmental agencies who contributed to the article (which can be read in our web news feeds) in the AJC, “State uses funds anyplace it wants,” illustrating the deceptive practices in Georgia’s fee disbursement. Telling Georgians that fees will go one place then using them in another is wrong. It is one of the reasons I voted against last year’s budget. It is the reason why I sponsored HR293, the “transparent fee” bill, which would stop this deceptive practice. Once again, Georgia’s elected Republican leadership let this bill die in committee so they could continue to use the money where they wanted it, not where the people wanted it. I believe in a simple political philosophy – tell the people the truth. It works every time. The fees should be used where the people were told they would be used – end of story. If, and in this economy when, you have a budget shortfall elsewhere, use priority budgeting, copy other states’ successful programs, or even eliminate a fishpond, but never lie to the public about what you are doing with their money. When there is a problem in the budget, tell the people the truth, and the people will tell you what they want.  It is called representative government. People elect you; you represent them.  It has worked for me for 27 years and it is how I will work for you as your next governor."-Democratic Leader DuBose Porter

Click on " bill text " in the box below to read the actual legislation from the GMA website.

HR 293
Dedicated Fund for Natural Resources Preservation and Protection
Municipal Impact

Representative DuBose Porter
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Tom Gehl, (678) 686-6247
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Pending in the House Ways & Means Committee. 

If you want a Governor who will 
put accountability back in your government 
Vote for DuBose Porter July 20, 2010.