Friday, January 15, 2010

39. DuBose Porter, "No Furloughs for Teachers or State Employees Needed"

DuBose Porter was in the news today. Governor Perdue has decided to cut education and add three more furlough days for teachers.  The video below shows the Governor cutting education and DuBose continuing to push HB356 which would add revenue to our budget by collecting unreturned sales tax. Many businesses in Georgia (sometimes as high as 25% per county) operate without a sales tax certificate. Here is a the example from Team DuBose Blog 32:
Example: You go into a store. You buy something. You pay sales tax.
At that point, in Georgia, two things may happen to the sales tax money you just paid. One, the business that received the sales tax money from you will send it to the state. Or two, the business owner will keep the sales tax money for his own personal use. You see the problem.
Alabama has already implemented a point of sale bill and they found 1 billion extra dollars in unreturned sales tax to help them through their economic downturn.
With 1 billion extra dollars, Georgia could have chosen to not furlough state employees (and not raise property taxes.) 
The Governor does not support HB356 and the elected Republican Leadership last year let HB356 die in committee. DuBose will be bringing a new HB356 again this session.

DuBose Porter will continue to fight to get your money back for you. 
Join us and let's give our state strong public schools.
A well educated workforce will attract industry and help grow jobs.

DuBose Porter 
will put your voice back in your government.