Monday, November 23, 2009

19. The most corrupt state in America? Georgia.

     Have you ever wondered why Georgia, one of the most beautiful states in the world,  is at the bottom of the good lists and at the top of the bad ones?  It is corruption, plain and simple. Corruption blocks jobs, keeps gridlock, designs water plans to fail. Georgia's corrupt government keeps education down and prison populations up.
     As a State Representative I have fought corruption on either side of the aisle, but the number one corruption facing Georgia today, is a corruption that allows other corruption to thrive-  the Hawks in the Georgia House of Representatives.
     The Hawks in the Georgia House of Representatives have taken away representative government in Georgia. Only in Georgia does this threat to the American way of life exist.  
     It is hard for people to believe that the Elected Leadership of the Republican party in the Georgia House of Representatives, a party which has branded itself as lovers of democracy and freedom, has done more to destroy your rights than any other group in America.

      Only in Georgia can a small number, of legislators, called Hawks, appointed by the speaker or a committee he appoints, go into any committee, regardless of having read the bill or heard one word of testimony, and vote to change the outcome of a bill.

     You read that right. Hawks can vote in any committee, at any time, even if they are not members of that committee, even if they have never read the bill being voted on or even if they have never even heard of the bill on which they are voting. These appointees have the power to override the will of the committee and therefore the will of the people.
     In our representative government how can the Hawks be allowed to overthrow the people's will? They made their own rule. Rule 11.8 in  the Rules, Ethics and Decorum of the House of Representatives gives the Hawks the power to usurp the will of the people.
     You may think the Hawks are a secret group. However, the level of corruption in government in Georgia is so accepted by the Elected Republican Leadership that the Hawks proudly have the title “Hawk” emblazoned on their  legislative name badges. They  have publicly announced themselves as Hawks because they say 'they can swoop into any committee at any time and take prey.’ The prey they take is you.
     I have been fighting the Hawk system of corrupt government run amok for 6 years as the minority leader. I have spoken out on national radio shows and have written letters to many newspapers. As a candidate for governor, I will continue to fight the Hawks and corruption in Government. I will continue to alert our citizens to what the rest of the country already is discussing about Georgia:  'the Speaker can now stack the deck of any committee vote with as many voters as he wants in order to kill any bill.' *(The Yale Law Journal)*
     It will take the power of the Governor’s office to stop the Hawks. As your next governor I will stop the Hawks and return representative government to Georgia.  I will continue to fight corruption and speak out against the forces that block jobs from Georgia and keep our citizens poor and under-educated. Join me as I continue be your voice against corruption in Government.

Verify the HAWKS

1. Go to this web site address:

2. Go to the bottom left hand side of the page and click on House Rules:


  2008 Picture Book
  2008 Lost & Found
  House Rules
  Labels, Databases, Etc.
  The Constitution of Georgia

3. Download the document, “Rules, Ethics and Decorum of the House of Representatives”, open and scroll down to rule 11.8 and there you will find proof that Hawks do exist in the Georgia House:

        11.8     The Speaker, or the Committee on Assignments, may appoint one or more members to the position of Hawk.  The Speaker may designate one of the Hawks as the Senior Hawk.  The Hawks shall serve as ex officio members of all standing committees and subcommittees of the House and shall have a vote on all committees and subcommittees.

*To read on the Hawks from the Yale Law Journal by someone whom I have never met nor contacted, go to :
From:  A Procedural Rule and a Substantive Problem: Legislative Hawks and the Concentration of Power in Georgia’s Speaker of the House. Written by Kamal Ghali,  Tuesday, 01 April 2008  

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