Tuesday, November 17, 2009

18. More on "Steal my bill, please"

     Someone just read the blog below (which you really need to read to get why they sent this) and said the stealing of my bill had already been noted in a Dick Pettys article as well. Read this excerpt from that article, "Hang On, It's Going To Get Worse "(Insider Advantage), By Dick Pettys, InsiderAdvantage Georgia on (11/16/09):

   'Local officials also would like to see a new system for collecting local sales taxes, a function now performed by the State Revenue Department. Many argue that the agency, which like others has been hit with budget cuts, is missing money that was collected from consumers but pocketed by some of the retailers.
    A similar proposal has been championed by Democrats in the House, but in a Republican-controlled Legislature, that’s unlikely to pass. However, alternatives are being suggested that would be less likely to be identified as Democrat proposals in the 2010 elections.'

In other words Dick could have said, "they knew it was a good thing for Georgia last session, but no one really knew about it and they let it die in committee. This coming session, now that DuBose is all over the state pushing it in his campaign for governor,  and the people are finding out about it, this elected Republican leadership knows the people are going to force them to do something about having turned down over $1 billion  in sales tax Georgians paid, but the state failed to collect."

Thank you to the astute reader who is keeping up with HB356 and sent me this clip. The internet is a great thing for good government.- DuBose Porter