Sunday, April 26, 2009

9.Blogging and Facebook R Us

When you read the blog you will see why we posted the photograph. From Left to right, DuBose, Carol, Stephen(24), Guyton(20), Asa(19), and Inman(19.)

Excerpt from
“From face to Facebook”
by Richard Hyatt of the Columbus
(But we know it was in the hard copy newspaper as well because several people called us.)

"DuBose Porter knows his way around the two-lane roads of Laurens County, which may make the small-town newspaper publisher the last person you’d expect to run into on Facebook. There he is, though, writing on people’s walls and posting photographs like he knows what he’s doing. When he’s not on Facebook, he’s blogging. Either that or he’s updating his Web site, text messaging on his cell phone, e-mailing or recording a podcast."

DuBose has been texting for years because of his techno savvy four sons. (See photo.) If you haven't checked out our facebook pages yet, friend us. We have one facebook site maintained by the Porter family, mainly DuBose and Carol which is the actual profile that is DuBose Porter. We also have the group which is For Governor 2010 - DuBose Porter Works for Me, and a fan site, DuBose Porter. We blog, we facebook, and Guyton came home this weekend and is setting up a DuBose Porter Family Twitter account at so you can keep up with the entire family as we start this journey across Georgia.
Thank you Team Porter for supporting DuBose and keep telling your friends- "DuBose Porter works for Me." and keep up with him and his family on the internet.

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