Monday, April 6, 2009

1. TEAM PORTER Tells It Like It Is

Hi Team Porter,

Welcome to the first day of DuBose Porter's race for the office of Governor of Georgia.

This campaign is going to be a little different from most you have experienced because Team Porter will be including you in on every aspect of the campaign. Although DuBose Porter has been a Public Servant for over 27 years, he has never hired a consultant to tell him what he ought to say.
We realize, eventually with a state wide race to run it will take a team of media buyers, schedulers, volunteer coordinators, managers and pollsters, but the team that matters most to DuBose is you.
He tells it like it is. He listens to the people. He studies their issues and then he brings his core values to his decision making process. He represents.
That is why he has been able to stick to the core of true Democratic issues like job creation, education, law enforcement, natural resources, health care and yes, even tax reform for 27 years in his rural district.
He does this by listening to what the people have to say and by staying true to his core values. A value system based upon faith, his years in Scouting, and principles of leadership learned from running a small business in a town where everyone knows your name.
If a canned politician, spun within an inch of his life, is what you expect in a Governor’s race, get ready for a new day in Georgia.
If you want to know the man you vote for- where he is coming from and where he wants to go, stay tuned to Team Porter because DuBose Porter works for you.