Thursday, April 9, 2009

5. Controlling Rather Than Fixing

Hi Team Porter,
DuBose has been on radio programs in Atlanta, Athens and Vidalia. Two yesterday and one today. The key issue was "What happened to the transportation plan?"

“It was about controlling rather than fixing transportation. What happened this session was that the grasp at power trumped the citizens needs for adequate transportation. Rather than work to pass a bill that would have actually fixed transportation in our state, the only bill the Republican Leadership chose to pass gave the Governor, the Lt. Governor and the Speaker more control.
The funding bill which would have fixed transportation died in conference committee. We introduced a bill that proposed to dedicate the fourth penny of sales tax generated from motor fuel to transportation projects to help get Georgia moving again. This would not have raised taxes and solved a difficult problem.
What is truly hurting our state is the disconnect this Republican Leadership has with the families that have been hit in this economy. There are things we could do to get people back to work. Some as simple as signing a letter. Our Governor neglected to send the letter to the federal government to accept the stimulus money for construction projects by the deadline. Over 32 million dollars on construction, that could have been bid and let in April, was forced to be moved to May. A 30 day delay in construction in this economy is uncalled for. That delayed many Georgians from getting back to work. That money could have already hit payrolls and made it to the pockets of Georgians. Thirty-two million dollars into our economy was a month late coming, just from lack of sending a letter."

The session may have been a disaster, but we have had another great day.
Thank you for being on Team Porter.