Saturday, April 11, 2009

6. More Work, Less Hobnobbing

Hi Team Porter,

Work is what this state needs. Politicians who will stay in the trenches, address the tough issues and work it out. If Georgia had more politicians interested in working and less in amassing power and hobnobbing, we would find solutions to our problems. Start looking for the patterns.

Excerpts from DuBose Porter's speech in the opening days of the 2009 session:

" Last year, the Governor presented his state of the state address, and the session began. It was marked by bitter rivalry and what seemed to be partisan politics within the same party. There was no action taken to move forward on transportation, trauma care, or tax reform; additional cuts which amounted to one and a half billion dollars had already been stripped from our schools shifting that financial burden to our local governments and your property taxes; and with no meaningful progress on addressing the coming economic challenges, the session ended just as disjointed as it had begun.

"During that session our Democratic House Caucus became the stabilizing factor in Georgia’s state government.

"By working together within our party and with others we were able to find a consensus. We in the House came together to pass a transportation bill that would have moved Georgia forward on solving one of our state’s most crippling problems. The bill failed in the Senate and when we looked to the Governor for leadership, he was in China.

"When gas prices spiraled out of control, we called on the Governor to take bold, dramatic action. To step up to the plate and give Georgians relief by reducing the gas tax. Instead he went to Spain and our families were left here, to take the brunt of higher gas prices from which they still have not recovered.

In September, after seeing August revenue figures, our Democratic House Caucus realized the extent of Georgia’s faltering economy and we called on the Governor to bring us back into session – to give parties on both side of the aisle a chance to roll up our sleeves, fix the problem before it got worse, and do the job the people of this state elected us to do. That call went unheeded."

Did you see the pattern? Not working together, and just not working, is the underlying cause of what happened last session and what happened this session. So spread the word. Let's work for DuBose Porter because he works for us. Together we can move Georgia forward.