Thursday, June 25, 2009

10. Busy Times Building Grassroots

Grassroots will be important to our win in 2010. 

The past two months Team Porter has been all over the state root building.  In doing so we have found two things- Georgia is just as beautiful as ever and people are ready to elect a candidate that puts them first.  

For too long this state has been crippled by its divisions. This has happened because for too long politicians have been more about their own business, than the people's. It is time to put the people back in control of their business. That is what DuBose Porter has done in his district and that is what DuBose Porter will do in the Governor's office.  He works for you. 

Here is a partial list of what he has been up to in the past two weeks: 

DuBose has spoken to the Farm Bureau, the School Board Convention, the Prince Hall Masons and the Eastern Star,  the Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials, the Georgia Municipal Association, and before a breakfast with Sen. Curt Thompson and Rep. Pedro Marin for the Gwinnett County Democrats.

DuBose spent Monday and Tuesday in Atlanta visiting with business leaders, meeting with the House Democratic Leadership and having a Meet and Greet in Ansley Park and a fundraiser in Buckhead. Then, DuBose was back to Dublin and back on the phone calling to rally support before the first filing period on July 29th. If you would like to have someone in office who works for you, please send us a donation:)

The consistent response around the state is  - People in Georgia are ready to help DuBose Porter because they know DuBose Porter is ready to help them.