Monday, July 19, 2010

90. I Know Georgia

I know Georgia has a lot of counties because I have personally visited all 159.

It's not enough for a candidate to say they've called a county. It's not enough for a candidate to say they have a supporter in a county. It's not enough for a candidate to say they know someone in a county.

I have visited every Georgia county in person, at beauty shops, hardware stores, diners, strip malls, and barber shops. I've been out and seen Georgia during this campaign. No other candidate has done that. In fact, people repeatedly tell us they haven't had a visit in 40 years from a Candidate for Governor.

I've been asked why I work this hard to get elected. The answer is simple. Because every county, every voter, every citizen, in every corner, in every inch of this great state, matters to me. That is why I am running for Governor.

I only know how to campaign one way -- with a handshake or a hug.

I'm not running on an apology.

I don't have to tell Georgians I have learned how to listen. Georgians know I have listened for the last 28 years of my public service and will continue to listen as Georgia's next Governor.

Together we can do great things and make our state prosperous. We don't need to go back. We must move forward.

To move forward, I need your help and support. Please vote for me on Tuesday, July 20, in the Democratic Primary for Governor. Thank you.

Kind Regards,

DuBose Porter

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