Wednesday, July 14, 2010

86. New Poll

A new poll is out, and just what the DuBose Porter campaign knew would happen is happening. Our grassroots campaign is showing up in the numbers at the polls. We have seen this race happen in Georgia before. No one thought Sonny Perdue would win until the day after the election, and that is what will happen with DuBose Porter. Vote your conscience. Vote DuBose! Money does not have to decide this race. Your vote counts. Vote!

Among people who have already voted, DuBose Porter and Thurbert Baker are tied for second place. Both candidates have 16%, while Barnes has 41%. This means DuBose will get into the runoff with Barnes and then go on to victory, but he needs your help. Please forward this email to as many of your friends as possible, and help us make the final push to victory.

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