Tuesday, February 16, 2010

61. What do you think?

A husband-and-wife team for governor and lieutenant governor?

Late last month, Carol Porter subbed for her husband at a forum hosted by a small-business organization that featured Republican and Democratic candidates for governor.

DuBose Porter, a newspaper publisher from Dublin, is the House Democratic leader. Carol Porter, who is general manager for the family’s small newspaper chain, did well. See for yourself here:

In fact, Carol Porter did so well that some Democrats are urging her into the race for lieutenant governor, which still lacks a Democratic candidate. Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, the Republican incumbent, is unopposed.

In other words, we would have a husband-and-wife team running for governor and lieutenant governor.

“She’s been approached about that. It’s true,” said Matt Caseman, spokesman for the DuBose Porter campaign. “She hasn’t made a decision. But yes, she’s considering it.”

And what does her husband of 26 years think? “He’s very supportive of anything Carol wants to do,” Caseman said.

Now, maybe this is a publicity stunt. If so, it’s one worth pondering.

Media outlets would be all over it. And his spouse’s candidacy would end attempts to talk DuBose Porter out of the governor’s race and into the lieutenant governor’s race. But there’s also the chance that Carol Porter would siphon off campaign contributions.

As of January, DuBose Porter’s campaign lagged behind three other Democrats in contributions: Roy Barnes, Thurbert Baker and David Poythress. (Porter was third in terms of cash on hand.)

One other Democrat, state Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond, is also thinking about the race for lieutenant governor – but has yet to make a decision.- The End


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