Tuesday, February 2, 2010

51. DuBose Porter and Dawgs for DuBose

Above are photos of Dawgs for DuBose after the debate. We did not have free food, but we did manage to pack the House. Many thanks to Warren Mullis and all the members of Dawgs for DuBose.
The Debate was a huge success for DuBose Porter and Team DuBose and Dawgs for DuBose! Cameras were not allowed in the debate, but Team Porter had the most supporters there by far. We were the only group that had a large number of college students and all of our supporters wore their DuBose Porter "Works for Me" shirts. DuBose clearly won on the issues, the number of supporters in the crowd and two newspapers have already said he defined the issue of the night!

Porter leads, Barnes and Baker agree.

Excerpts from Last night’s debate
Collecting Unpaid Sales Taxes The Defining Issue For Democrats So Far
By Tom Baxter, InsiderAdvantage Georgia
House Minority Leader DuBose Porter isn’t the front-running Democrat in polls of the governor’s race, nor is he the top fundraiser. But as was evidenced again Tuesday night in the first televised debate of the Democratic candidates, he has given his party what is so far its defining issue.
Porter’s rivals have endorsed House Bill 356* the measure he authored which would let local governments collect sales taxes at the point of sale. But the lawmaker and newspaper publisher from Dublin can claim first dibs on the issue of uncollected taxes....
(This Blog corrected bill # to 356 the number had been printed incorrectly)
By Aaron Gould Sheinin The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
House Minority Leader DuBose Porter (D-Dublin), who has said for years that the state loses hundreds of millions of dollars a year in uncollected sales taxes, repeated that mantra Tuesday and said it could be a source of education funding. That proposal also was seconded by Attorney General Thurbert Baker and former Gov. Roy Barnes....

If you want to know more on the "point of sale" bill scroll down to Blogs#32, 18,17, and 15. DuBose also spoke on many of the other issues that you will see as you scroll on down.

Vote for DuBose Porter.
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